New Moon


This is the sequel to The Twilight Saga which is mostly about vampires and wolves. In New Moon it is mainly about a human girl named, Isabella Swan (A.K.A Bella) who is falling more deeply in love with a vampire called Edward cullen. On her 18th birthday Alice (Edward's sister), threw her a surprise party but the party ended up in a bloody accident causing an injury for Bella. A few days later Edward had realized that he being here will not be safe for Bella so he moves away from Forks, making Bella very sad and depressed. But she found a way to hear Edward's voice again which is to do thrill-seeking activities. Alice had a vision that Bella jumped off a cliff so Edward made an assumption that Bella had died, since Edward was very very very in love with her he wanted to die also. As soon as Alice heard about the suicide she went to Forks to see if Bella was still alive. They both teamed up and tried to stop Edward from commmiting suicide which may have lead to some bigger problems. The author Stephenie Meyer, is a very well descriptive writter because when I read this book it felt like it came to life. Also Stephanie had named this book New Moon because New Moon is the darkest phase of the lunar cycle, indicating the darkest momment of Bella's life when Edward had left her. I really LOVED this book because it had many suspenseful events happening in the book that I like and it made me want to keep on reading and reading until the book was done. One thing you may not know about Stephenie Meyer is that she was actually in one of the scenes in Twilight:The Movie she was in the background as a customer at a fast food resturant. Out of all of the Twilight Saga I think that New Moon is the BEST, I think it's the absolute best book I have read about vampires and I would put Vampire Diaries as my 2nd favourite. When Bella was cliff diving it reminded me the time when I went to Montreal and went cliff diving also, I went with my Dad, Sister and Mother. My sister claimed she was "sick" so I went with a couple of other children and some adults/teens. I recommend you people to read this if you hadn't yet. You may think it is some ordinary vampire book but it isn't, it is a must read book, if you like suspense, adventure, and romance then you will for sure love this book. It was the #1 New York Times Best Seller meaning that this book was a big hit!