Duck on a Bike

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This is a great example of a fantasy book. The story is believable within the context of the book but the animals are talking and riding the bikes. The animals are doing things that only humans can usually do, but in this story it seems perfectly normal.Art Media: acrylic painting Appropriate Age: Primary
Dicey's Song


This is an excellent example of realistic fiction. It is set in nearly present day. It is an authentic and realistic look at Dicey, a 13 year old girl who is coming of age at a time in her life when she is trying to take responsibility for her siblings, work with her grandma in raising them and dealing with her mother slowly dying. The reader comes to know Dicey really well as we learn about her attitudes, loves, hates, concerns, worries, friends, family and all the ins and outs of her life. Appropriate Age: Intermediate, Middle School
Love That Dog


This is a book of poetry, but it is also realistic fiction. It is a short story about a boy who starts out hating poetry and the book follows his change of heart towards it. He begins to understand that he can write poetry himself and be proud of his work as well as appreciate and understand other poet's work. It is set in present day and is a realistic depiction of a boy's learning.