Zero at the Bone: Eiskalt bis ins Mark


This book somehow reminded me extremely about „The Transporter“ just that the main character was gay this time around.

At times the book was dragging a bit but all in all it was very good and I appreciated to read even about the smallest developments in Jack and D’s relationship as authors often like to skimp over these details.

To top it off, the story was very well written, no matter if it were a fighting, action or sex scene. I rarely find action scenes this well written and that made this book a little gem for me.

I liked the chemistry between Jack and D and the slow emotional building of their relationship. Jack certainly had his work cut out for him when it came to D but he rose to the challenge and was rewarded for it. After all the went through together, some might think this was a situational love but I disagree, the situation simply gave Jack the chance to work through D’s seemingly unending with dynamite decorated steel wall.

All in all a great book and if you like M/M, you should give this one a try!
Angels' Blood


I honestly didn't expect to like this one. I gave it a try because a few of my friends here seemed to really like it.

I'm glad that I ignored my doubts and read it. I was skepitcal of the angel theme (something I don't enjoy very much) but it wasn't too much of it, I still would've wished for more vampires instead of Angels though.

The story was engaging and action filled which had me breezing through this book. Elena is a strong character that I like very much.

For once I actually have issues with the male lead character (I know, right? That doesn't happen very often). I can't put my finger on it but something about Raphael annoys me - I think it might be the way he acts so superior because he's an angel and they are so much better than humans or vampires.

I can deal with pricks, even arrogant ones but Rapahel takes his superiority act too far for my taste. That doesn't mean though that I didn't enjoy the chemistry between him and Elena. I did, a lot and the banter between the two was very entertaining.

So if you have the same doubts, give it a try and you might just find yourself liking this one.
Evermore: The Immortals


Definitely not even worth 1 Star.

I continiously felt like the aurhor copied Edward's physical description from Twilight and only replaced the name.

And that's only one of many, many things wrong about this book.

I couldn't even finish reading this.


Let me start by saying that I didn't expect the book to turn out this way. I was caught off-guard because I was expecting another dark and humilating tale but Stolen was different.

The story of Gemma's kidnapping was masterfully written, the writing style hooked me already on the first page. Gemma's voice is honest and confused, yet strong and stubborn. By seeing everything through her eyes, you are in her head and experience 'first hand' how sudden the lines between captor and captive can blur.

Ty provoked many emotions and I would've loved a glimpse into his head. There are many sides to him - at times he's angry and hostile, then he's gentle and sweet but then there are also the times when he made me think of a little lost boy that doesn't understand how the world around him works. Furthermore he always respects Gemma's physical boundaries and in the end, he even develops enough to go through with the most selfless act he could've come up with in this situation.

If you are looking for a story filled with suspense and darkness, you won't find it here and that's why this story is something else, maybe something more.

I thoroughly enjoyed the little stories about the Australian outback and the almost calm manner in which this story was told. The end surprised the hell out of me and there were even a few tears there.

This book won't be for everyone, some might be bored with it but it certainly found its way on my favourite shelf.
Pieces of Us


This book is like a train wreck.

You read and read and read and then there's wreck after wreck after wreck. In fact, there are so many wrecks that you won't be able to stop reading.

"Pieces of us" is certainly dark, disturbing and filled with heartache. There are so many problems and broken people that it sometimes hurt to read.

I had a constant pressure behind my eye lids as the tears waited to fall but nonetheless I was absolutely captured by this story.

I've seldom read a book with so many points of view but it made me understand all of the main characters better and especially Kyle's point of view got to me with it's unusual writting style.

Kudos to the author for putting this story into words. Not everyone can write such a story and manage to engage the reader in such a variety of dark emotions.

I'm not going to say anything about the story itself as I think it's something that everyone should experience themselves.

It's a heartbreaking but good book and certainly not for everyone.
Futures and Frosting


I still laughed, giggled and snorted until my belly hurt. In this book there was more Carter and Gavin though and I really liked that aspect of it.

It still won't be everyone's kind of humor but then once again: it worked really, really well for me and trained my belly muscles through many, many belly laughing moments.

I can't even pick a best moment because there were so many and it amazes me that the author can make me laugh so much with not only but two books - it's a gift that I can't get enough of. Luckily enough there was a third book ;)!

Read it and laugh till you cry!
The Siren


Honest. Raw. Dark. Enticing. Enthralling. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. And in one more word: genius.

Let me start by saying that I’m usually very wary when it comes to modern BDSM fiction. More often than not the concept of BDSM will be twisted into something that’s only for depraved, broken people with deep psychological problems.

But this time around I opened a book and stepped into another world. Tiffany Reisz held me prisoner in Nora’s world with the very first word I read. She managed to capture many true facets of this world because within BDSM one will meet many different characters and Tiffany Reisz gave most of them a name and told many different stories within a bigger one.

The author makes it abundantly clear that there isn’t only the light, playful side to BDSM as many other authors do. No, she shows the darker parts and honest mistakes that might happen. She shows the trust bestowed up on your partner and how things can go terribly wrong, for example: What happens when you forget your safe word when your Dom trusts that you’ll remember it if you can’t take it anymore?
Ask Nora, she can tell you a story about that.

But then she also enthralls her readers in the many different reasons why people even engage in BDSM; what it does to them and why they treasure it above almost anything else. Like I said, Reisz beautifully weaves many of these facets into her story.

Bestselling writer Nora Sutherland is a brilliant character. I loved her and her blunt, unfiltered comments right from the start. She has a way of drawing her audience in, male or female, as writer or as Dominatrix or as submissive. There aren’t enough words to describe Nora properly, you just have to experience her yourself.

Wesley is Nora’s sweet, innocent and very vanilla intern; he is so sweet that he might give you a tooth ache. At first I was seriously puzzled by his involvement in the story but nonetheless he became one of my favorite characters. Let me tell you, there aren’t many teenage boys that would’ve shown such a level of restraint that Wesley displayed; I’m no teenage boy and I probably wouldn’t have ;).

Zach, Nora’s editor, plays the part of the guilt-ridden male and I thoroughly enjoyed his and Nora’s dialogues. He is still in love with his ex-wife but Nora helps him to open his eyes and finally realized what’s been happening in his marriage all these years.

There were many more characters, some more minor than other, introduced and I could sit here forever describing what I loved about them but I don’t want to spoil too much of the story. Meet the other characters firsthand as many of them are worth it no matter how minor their role.

Last but not least the one element in this book that was very hard for me to deal with: Søren. Hell, did I struggle with his character and not because he’s a Sadist (to each their own). I struggled with him because he had a cake and fucking ate it, too, and sometimes that just shouldn’t happen. He’s a catholic priest and that right there is why I can’t stand his character. Technically I’m catholic but I’m not a believer, especially not in the catholic church. Søren knew very well what his vows would entail, yet he took them and still continued on with his relationship with Nora.

It’s wrong and it makes me seriously mad. On the other hand, Reisz portrays true image for me: the catholic church always did what the fuck they wanted and always will, no matter the repercussions. They think they stand above anything else and are happy to impose ridiculous morals on society which they can’t even live by themselves. Sorry for the rant but I just HAD to say it.

It’s the first time I read a book that brought BDSM and religion together in such a sense and it was completely intriguing. So much even that I directly started on the second book and couldn’t put that one down either.

In short, a definite must read and new favorite of mine!


I can't rate this right now as my emotions are all over the place.

You told me once, dear, you really loved me

And no one else could come between.

But now you’ve left me and love another;

You have shattered all my dreams."

...neither am I sure where to start on my review, so first things first: this isn't a book I'd recommend - not because it was bad but because it talks about topics that not everyone can deal with.

The first sentence will hook you immediately. After reading that first sentence my mind immediately started working out several ways for this story to play out. I was very tense throughout the whole book, waiting for the worst of the worst to happen - At this point I won't tell you if the worst of the worst happened, you'll have to find out yourself (or read another review :P).

I always question myself why I read this kind of books and then this happens:

some chapters had me literally holding my breath as my eyes flew over the pages to read faster,

some chapters put me into a murderous rage,

some chapters put a small smile on my face,

some chapters made me cry,

some chapters filled me with such a sense of dread that I haven't experienced in a book very often,

some chapters overwhelmed me with compassion and pity,

some chapters and the opening quote of this review broke me,

but then there's the last chapter and sadness mixed with melanchony, as well as a strange sort of pride and hope.

And then I know again why I read this, because the emotions are so close to the surface and always on the brink of overflowing, you have no other choice but to feel, no matter what it is that you feel.

I was so mad for their lullaby that dragged throughout the whole book, but in the end I can't be mad because it prepared me for what was to happen even if I didn't want to acknowledge it (That probably sounds cryptic to you now, but I promise you'll understand in the second last chapter at latest). Just thinking about it brings another round of tears.

On one hand, I wish that I could've read some chapters in James's POV but on the other hand, I think that reading in his POV would've utterly destroyed me, so I can't really decide if it's a small blessing or not that I didn't get to see the story through his eyes.

Finishing my review, I've come to the conclusion that this book deserves 5 stars alone for evoking all of the emotions listed above. People will hate this book, people will love it, people will be disgusted but they WILL feel and that always deserves a full star review in my eyes.

P.S.: I won't elaborate on all the things morally wrong with some characters in this book but I will say that no child should ever have think some of the thoughts mentioned in this book and my heart broke into pieces, knowing that some children think these thoughts.
How to Kill a Rock Star


I adored the message of this book: loving what you do so much that you stay true to yourself and won't sell out.

Well, I guess Paul did sell himself out in a way but he fought and fought and fought - and that's what I admired. He kept going and tried to stay true to his principles, even when it didn't always work out.

I love the way this book is written as the emotions (especially for music) are transported very well. The author makes the words come alive and you are right there with the characters. Both points of view were well written and portrayed believable, passionate charcters.

However I disliked the way Eliza handles the tour issue (I'm not going to say more about it at this point as it would ruin the story for others) and I couldn't quite reconcile with the end of the book.

Still, four solid stars.


“All those people died and it didn't change anything, because it doesn't work if they don't enforce it. They just ignore it, turn their backs and say it’s not their problem, but it is. It's everyone's problem. They can say slavery ended all they want, but that doesn't make it true. People lie. They'll tell you what they think you wanna hear, and you’ll believe it. Whatever makes you feel better about your dismal little lives.”

I danced around this one for quite a while because I already read it as fanfiction. It's hard to explain but I expect different things from a fanfiction than I do from a book.

While the storyline was the same, this book was still properly edited and hadn't I known that it was a fanfiction before that, I probably wouldn't have guessed it.

To be honest, I was surprised that I loved it just as much the second time around. I have to admit though, reading it the second time, I was a bit more relaxed and could pay more attention to details. When I was reading the fanfiction, I was always so excited when I received an E-mail that it was updated that my eyes flew over the words.

The minute the second book is on the shelves, I'll buy it. I already know a part of what is going to happen if it strays true to it's fanfiction storyline and it won't be an easy read but I know that I will love every second of it.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Carmine and Haven, especially in the beginning. It doesn't even occur to Carmine and Dominic that she could be a slave, despite her strange behaviour. And I think that's a realistic view - hell, that thought would've never entered my mind had I met someone like Haven.

It shows me that I am, too, naive and ignorant at times and that maybe I should be a little bit more aware of what happens in the world around me.

The characters engaged me completely, the author made it easy to feel right a long with them, empathize with them or feel anger for them and their situations. I adored most of them, a part of me even felt for Dr. DeMarco and the pain he must've felt seeing Haven every day.

This isn't always a pretty story but it tells you a wondeful tale about love, growing up under intense expectations, about forgiveness that's not always easy to give and making amends but most importantly it's about being free, having dreams and simply living your life.