Top 5 books I've ever read. Amazing story, amazing person. Supports my belief that this generation is the greatest generation ever.
Force of Nature


This is my first C.J. Box book, and it won't be my last! Joe Pickett is a character that one can easily relate to, especially readers in the West. I understand from previous book reviews, this book is slightly different in that it mainly focuses on Joe's friend Nate Romanowski, but as a newcomer to this character/book series, I still felt like I knew who Joe was as well. The story line was face paced and was always kept me in suspense. Currently this book is #13 on the NYTimes best seller list for e-books. I can understand why and would highly recommend this author and this book.
I Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior; Memoirs of an American Soldier

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My son saw this book on my desk, picked it up and proceeded to read this book and didn't want to give it up! Great book to scale down to a young reader and show the importance of what members of our armed forces do for our country. Thank you Mr. Wasdin for the book and more importantly for your service. I would recommend this book to young readers as well as adults. Great message and example for what any kid from any background can do.