When Bad Christians Happen to Good People: Where We Have Failed Each Other and How to Reverse the Damage


A provocative title. If I were Al Gore I might call it, “an inconvenient truth.”We all know THAT guy. The one who calls himself a vegetarian but eats his avocado sandwiches with turkey on occasion. Or the one that quotes Romans 3:23 “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” while he acts as if God’s grace was only designed for those people with real problems. Not his pornography addiction, because really, he’s not injuring anybody, is he? Or perhaps you know the guy that acts really involved on Sundays, but really doesn’t invest into anyone at Church and complains about the lack of discipleship he sees going on?Or maybe you just don’t notice them because they are actually you. Don’t worry, we’re all scrubs.The hardest things for us to hear are the things that speak against us.In his book, Dave Burchett reveals the Church giving itself over to a pseudo-Christian worldview placated with planks of loveless attitudes, nonsensical distractions, and divisive theologies. Burchett helps to unveil the places where our Churches are willing to preach the love of Jesus, but refuse to be His hands and feet stretched out into the community in order to reincarnate His love. Churches that cry out for unity within the shadows of their long, lonely corridors.Churches that need grace.Dave Burchett hopes to root his audience into the eternal relevance of the Gospel of Jesus, in order to mobilize God’s love in the relevancies of culture. He wrote this book to place action in our faith.Through his storytelling Dave engages his audience with the painfully honest experiences he has encountered in heartless church-life that have shaped his family and matured his faith. It’s great to see a man who was hurt by the church only to see his own hurtful tendencies fleshed out and redeemed in the grace of Christ. His blunt commentary is thought-provoking, entertaining, and uproarious at times. He never shades away from speaking against those who argue over what is [relatively] important, but Gospel[ly] irrelevant. If it’s not of eternal relevance should the Church consider it an important issue? Dave supposes we should reconsider the value we place on the issues Jesus wouldn’t spend His time on, and focus on His heart.Bad Christians is a great read for anyone seeking Hope after being caught in the crossfire of divisive Christianity. Dave’s experiences within the shadows of the Church speak of how those who have been broken, judged, and dehumanized can come to the love of Christ and receive freedom, relief, and redemption. For it is in the grace of Christ that the wounded (and those who blindly wound) must come to be healed. May this book remove planks from the eyes/worldviews of many, and open us to consider the True Reality of Christ.