Clear and Present Danger


Probably the best of Tom Clancy's novels... which may or may not be an actual recommendation. At the very least, he knows how to maintain narrative tension. I've enjoyed it in the past, but haven't felt the urge to re-read it since I got better at decoding the implied politics - much of which was opaque to me, as a Briton.
The Big Sleep


Marvellous writing, even if the plot is sometimes unintelligible. Probaby my favorite Chandler.
The Art of Arrow Cutting


A dull, fatally Calfornian-cutesy exercise in wish-fulfillment. Not only is the protagonist basically omnipotent - he's omnipotent in a boring way that works against any faint inklings of suspense. Unless it's just that I don't find him as cool as the author clearly does.
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