Yes Means Yes!: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape

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Yes means Yes! is a collection of very interesting (and informal language) essays from a wide range of perspectives (female, male, trans, straight, queer, different races, etc.) on sex, sexuality, rape culture, sexual expression, and the prevention of sexual violence. The contributors range from bloggers, to magazine editors, to activists, to lawyers, to sex educators, to assault prevention workers, etc. and all have different preferences, experiences, and perspectives on sex and sexual violence. The essays have been assigned "themes" (like tags) allowing reader to flip through book on whatever theme or tangent interests them at the time. Enjoyable, interesting and potentially very enlightening read (depending on the audience, of course, for some this will be "preaching to the choir"). One warning: some readers may find some of the language some of the essayists use rude or offensive.