Painting with Mixed Media

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So many techniques and unusual material uses as well as the usual, all explained briefly but in enough detail to be brave enough to try. If it as good as my first read, I'll probably raise my rating to five stars .
Year Zero


An engaging and entertaining read about science, particularly cloning, gone amuk and how people respond to it.
The Hiding Place

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I was so privileged to meet Corrie ten Boom in person at the Billy Graham Association in Minneapolis during the 70's, and then privileged to work on the film production of the movie. She was an amazing, lovely, Godly woman, and her story will remain timeless.
Mixed Mania: Recipes for Delicious Mixed Media Creations


Very cleverly written as a conversation between two mixed media maniacs who communicate remotely due to their lack of proximity, this book teaches and inspires you with new techniques and fresh takes on old techniques. If you get this book, be sure you read it like a comedic novel before doing anything else.
Surface Designer's Handbook


Used as a reference book by university level fiber arts teachers, this is not necessarily a book for those just starting their journey with manipulating fabric, but rather the person with some basic knowledge and experience and a desire to more fully understand the science and art behind it.