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Revolution in Egypt - Discussion With Friend in Cairo
Revolution in Egypt - Discussion with friend in Cairo
Gregg Martin
Will Smith Archive
Smith, Will the NEW SCIENCE Principles and Technology of Other Races
A Synopsis of the Discoveries of John w. Keely - Jerry Decker
Keely's Physical Philosophy
Snell Manuscript (Keelys Secrets)
Aerial Propeller - Aerial Navigation (Unedited Bloomfield-Moore on John Keely)
Keely, Colville- Amplitude of Force
Keely, John - On the Graduation of Machines
Keely, John - 40 Laws of Sympathetic Vibration
Keely, John - 15 Laws of Matter and Force
Tesla, Nikola - Experiments With Alternating Currents of High Potential and High Frequency
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Web 661
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Web 44
Gregg Martin
Oudin /Tesla Coil - Popular Science Jan 1918
Build Simplified Tesla Coil - Popular Science Jan 1934
Atlantis Rising - Jeane Manning - TimothyThrapp - Breakthrough Inventions & Divine Intervention
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