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Political Economy of Wage and Price Controls - Evidence From Nixon Tapes
Final CCP Resolution Letter 30 04 12[1]
CFTC Exemption Letter Rule 1.47 J Aron GSCI to Laurie Ferber
MF Global Ltd Advertisements
Case No 11-2790 SIPA - Amicus Curiae Brief of NFA
Doc 342 - Memorandum by CFTC in Response to Sapere Pursuant to 11 USC 761-767 and CFR 190
CFTC Records Disposition Schedule
People With Power Are Better Liars
Objection to SIPA Trustees Unauthorized Demand for Assignment and Release of Claims From Futures Customers
Guide to the rules of practice and procedure of the United States Court of Military Appeals.
OSGATA v Monsanto Complaint
MF Global Issues and Proposals
Sophisticated Monetary Policies
Report to Congress on the Use of Special Drawing Rights by IMF Member Countries
Feeling the Future - Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect
Is the Market Being Fooled? An Error-Based Screen for Manipulation
The Biggest Loophole in the Free-Market System
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