Huzaifa Saeed

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Goods Movement Policy
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Policy Submission
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce 2015 Provincial Pre Budget submission
Magnet P/T Job Posting - McMaster University
Hamilton Chamber LRT Task Force Letter to Minister Del Duca
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist Registry consultation submission
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Life Science Cluster Report
Canadian Alliance of Students Association Review
MSU Aboriginal Students Policy Paper
Deferred Maintenance and Sustainable Growth Policy
MSU Member Election Guide
MSU Member Election Guide
McMaster Students Union_TutionPaper
Huzaifa Saeed
Financial Literacy
Huzaifa Saeed
StudentHousing EA
Huzaifa Saeed_VPEDPlatform
MSU External Affairs Report to SRA Oct 16th 2011
McMaster Students Union 2011 Your City Survey
Revisions to SRA Minutes 09N 09O
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