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Studying the state, ethnic conflict, nationalism and the causes of war. My analysis of conflict c... see more see less

How Appeal to National Ideals Sold Operation Iraqi Freedom
The nexus of power and wealth in Mubarak’s Egypt
Activism Online and Off Confronts the Police
The Differences Between Canada and Slovenia What Lonely Planet Won't Tell You
The Crisis of the 99% and the “Occupy” Response
The Elitists, The Ruling Class and Occupy Wall Street
An Assessment of US Drug War Policy--No Victories, Only Failure
Imagined Communities and the End of Lebanon
Turkey's Incursion in Iraq--Why No Legal Consequences?
Perspectives on Hamas and Zakat
Hobbes, Kubrick and the Timeless Paradigm of the Leviathan
Paving the Road to Gaza - Israel's National Role Conception and Operation Cast Lead
A Short History of the Six Day War
Christopher Haynes
An Olive Tree in Palestine
The consequences of Israel’s territorial gains from the Six Day War for peace with Egypt
Zero Casualty Warfare and the Responsibility to Protect
The Outbreak of the Korean War
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