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Dr. Surendra Pal
engineersday lecture
Elements of RF Link Design
Dr. Surendra Pal
GSM Mobile Telephony
Dr. Surendra Pal
GLIMPs Of Indian Space Programme and suggestions for innonative developments
munich Summit-Indian Interest In Galileo
Perspectives in Communication and Fundamental Limits
Space Technology for Surface Transport Management
Advanced Satellite Communication Technology
Use Of Space Technology For Disaster Management
IETE KSrinivasan Mem Presentation
Dr. Surendra Pal
disaster lecture
Trends in Satellite Technology
Perspective in Communication May 2008
Perspective in Communication May 2008
Satellite Technology Utilization for Rural and Urban India
Communication Paradigm and Interference Katmandu July 2008
CV Of Dr. Surendra Pal,FIEEE,Dist. FIETE,FNASc,FNAE
Precision Time keeping -and Indian Efforts
Technological Challenges - Lecture Material
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