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Obama Never Vetted Chapter 1 - Working Copy
Appeal Exhibit
Dunham Passport Foia Records Reduced Redacted
Grinols et al vs. Electoral College, Obama et al
Osama Bin Laden Burial Department of Defense Emails
Onaka Filing
Obama White House Birth Certificate Scribd
Minor v Happersett Defines Natural Born Citizen - Born in U.S. to Citizen Parents - that's both
D.C. Obama Ballot Challenge Reaches Supreme Court
Full of Lies Congressional Research Report on Natural Born Citizen
Fair v Obama Maryland Obama Ballot Challenge Order
Tisdale v Obama EDVA Memorandum of Law to Support Plaintiff's Complaint
Tisdale-v-Obama-EDVA -COMPLAINT
Tisdale-v-Obama ORDER
Obama Georgia Ballot Challenge Dismissal
Obama New Jersey Ballot Challenge Dismissal
Florida Obama Ballot Challenge Natural Born Citizen Brief
Voeltz v Obama Dismissal
Congressmen and President By Extension Can Be Incarcerated
Intelligence Community Directive 704
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