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On 7 February 2009, over 200 dwellings, of nearly 300, in Hazeldene, were destroyed. Flowerdale l... see more see less

Flowerdale Community House Sets Benchmark for Bushfire Rebuilding - The Australian
MBRRC Agenda Attachment 21 October 2010 (part only)
Flowerdale CRC Agenda 02 August 2010
Photography Poster Competition
Waterweek Writing Competition
VPP User's Guide
Using the Neighbourhood Character Provisions in Planning Schemes
VPP Amended Clauses for VC62 as at 18 June 2010
Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP)
KFT Plan - Local Economy and Jobs Workshop
KFT Plan - Sustainable Growth Workshop
KFT Plan - Lifestyle and Amenity Workshop
KFT Plan Youth Invite
Flowerdale CRC Agenda 05 July 2010
KFT Plan Bringing It Together Workshop
KFT Plan Themed Discussion Workshop
Introduction Paper on Community Issues and Priorities
Flowerdale Community Workshop - 06 June 2010
PRG Minutes 17 June 2010
Model Land Capability Assessment Report
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