(1974) Army Uniforms of World War 2
Arvn Today 1966
18th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
9th Infantry Division (India) WW2
5th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
(1986) (Modern Military Techniques) Tanks
(Warship Profile No.34) USS Barb (SS.220) Gato Class Submarine
(Warship Profile No.27) SM Torpedo Boat B110
(Warship Profile No.6) KM Prinz Eugen - Heavy Cruiser 1938-1947
(Warship Profile No.3) Uss Hornet (Cv8) Aircraft Carrier
(Warship Profile 32) HMS Cavalier and the CA Class Destroyers
(1972) Waffen-SS Its Uniforms, Insignia and Equipment 1938-1945
(1973) U.S. Armor-Cavalry a Short History 1917-1967
(1972) (Bellona Handbook No.2) German Army Semi-Tracked Vehicles 1939-45, Part 3 - M. Schuetzenpanzerwagen Sd. Kfz 251
German Combat Uniforms 1939-1945.pdf
1st Chindit Expedition 1943.pdf
1st Grenadiers Division (Poland)
Capital Mechanized Infantry Division ROK
Canadian to&Es 1980 to 1989
Camp Hearne POW Brochure Texas
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