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If Trump Wins the Nomination Will You Vote For Him?
The Best Way To Describe How a Free Republic Works
The Racial History of the Democratic Party
Insane and Evil Dominates our Governments and Our Churches
Acharne Dokument
The Public Servant?
Psychopath Behavior Is The Root To Evil NOT Religion
Hate ALL Muslims! For Hate Will Moralize An Outcome?
A Republican President Will Save the Republic
Americans Apologies For our Insensitive, Juvenile, and Irresponsible Head of State
The Rise of Fundamental Islam Giving Rise to Modern Fascist
Why Christ Aligned More With the Tea Party Then Socialist, Left Progressives
Acharne Dokument
The New Communist Elites
Where Christians Tread Lightly
Obama the Greatest Gift to Republicanism
To the Democrat Left Progressives
I Gave Myself the Legal Authority to Dictate the Rule of Law
Acharne Dokument
The Power of the Veto
The Admiration Of American Freedoms Now Dishonored By Its Own People
America Once Flew as Eagles Now Roost as Turkeys
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