Ray Frausto

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Fundamentals of Nuclear Science & Engineering
Creative Chemistry - Slosson
Ray Frausto
CRC SRPotentials
Combustion Mechanism of New Polymer-Oxidizer Mixtures (Prope)
Combustion and Flame
Chromium - (Mellor Actitc 11 60 Cr)
The Reaction of Acetone & Peroxide
The Effect of Vibrational Excitation of Molecules Involving Methane & Nitrogen
The Diels-Alder Reaction
Chemistry of the Rarer Elements - Smith Hopkins
The Chemistry of the Amino Group (Patai 1968)
Chemistry of Superconductor Materials; Preparation, Chemistry, Characterization and Theory, Vanderah, 839Pp
The Chemistry & Manufacture of Hydrogen (Teed, 1919)
The Chemistry & Literature of Beryllium (Parsons, 1909)
Sulpher - Mellor (ACTITC S v10 Ch57 1930)
Chemistry of Energetic Materials (Miller)
Polycyclic Polyamides as Precursors for Energetic Polycyclic Polynitramine Oxidizers, Method for Making New - US Patent 6147209
Phosphorus Pentachloride From Sodium Chloride Quartz Sand and Calcium Phosphate - US Patent 1688503
Ray Frausto
Ozine - Rideal
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