Hicks Second Letter to the Court
Court Order- CMP- Magnet Stipulation- TUSD Communication
Doc 1865 Stipulation Re Magnet School Data & Supplemented Improvement Plans by TUSD
M Hicks Letter to Judge Bury- 11-2-15
Attachments M Hicks Letter to Judge Bury Nov 2 2015 - (1)
Powwow Flyers Tucson 2015 2016
Doc 1803 Notice of Filing Revised CMP and Individual School Improvement Plans (Final)
Doc 1858 Stipulation Regarding 40th Day Magnet School Enrollment Data and Stipulation (1) - Copy
Tucson Weekly -- Immunization Oped
Constituent Letter October18 2015 -- Immunization Rates
September 2015 Deseg Update
Court Order Re- Comprehensive Magnet Plan
AFSC Kingman Assessment
Tucson's 240th Birthday Ceremony
9th Circuit Decision 07-07-2015
Mesa Superintendent Contract 2014-17
Sanchez New Contract 2015-18, As Executed
Constituent Letter June28 2015
1 20 15 BAI11(l) BookOrder EnglishAndSocialStudiesCourses 1
1 20 15 BAI11(m) BookOrder EnglishAndSocialStudiesCourses 1
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