Joel D. Miller

Summary of Interviews regarding Facilities 3-20-2013
300' Buffer Around Cole Library on Cornell College Campus
No Campaigning or Campaign Signs on PUBLIC Property Within 300 Feet of Public Service Center 8am-5pm Starting 9-27-2012
County Auditor Fires Back at "Political" Investigation 9-22-2012
Steve Tucker No-Fraud Report - 17 September 2012
Miller's Official Press Conference Statement Re Tucker Report
Code of Iowa Chapter 22 Open Records Request Related to 30 April 2012 Fraud Investigation
Miller v Board - Defendants' Proposed Findings of Fact
Miller v Board - Plaintiff's Proposed Findings
Trial Brief for Miller v Board Beginning at 9am on 5-29-2012 in the Linn County Courthouse on Mays Island
Jarvis Letter to Miller Re Keyword Search of County Emails
Fraud Investigation 4-30-2012
Various Board Minutes Related to IT Support of the Auditor
Public Comments during the Linn County EMA Commission's Public Hearing on the Annual Budget - February 2012
Certificate of Appreciation From the Board of Supervisors to Joel Miller 4-25-2012
David E Zahn vs Linda Langston and Linn County - Case 06571LACV052253
Auditor Joel Miller's Speech to the Linn County Democratic Party Convention on 3/10/2012
October 2011 JP Morgan
September 2011 JP Morgan
November 2011 JP Morgan
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