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Strategist - Collaboration, Social Business, Knowledge Management - Startup mentor & board member

White Paper on Business Sustainability
The European Crisis and its Human Cost
The Business of Blogging
Foundations of Data Science
The Value of B‐to‐B
Quantifying the Invisible Audience in Social Networks
Social Media Privacy - A Dozen Myths and Facts
Public anthropology in times of media hybridity and global upheaval
Innovation, Intellectual Property and the Informal Economy
Administratieve sancties in België, Luxemburg en Nederland
Social Business - Patterns in achieving social business success by leading and pioneering organizations
The Onlife Initiative
Organizational Behavior - A Case Analysis of Google
Persuasion - the Essence of Diplomacy
Playing with politics - Political fans and Twitter faking in post-broadcast democracy
A Guide to Organizational Models for Scaling Social
Dynamics of Knowledge Sharing in a Cross-Cultural Environment
News Agencies and Social Media - A Relationship With a Future?
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