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Dr. Sarah Eaton holds a PhD in Educational Leadership from the University of Calgary. The author ... see more see less

APA Checklist for Final Papers
EDER 669 79 L06 W15 Eaton
Language Learning and Technology Reading List
Course Outline - Eaton - EDER 669 73 Language Teaching and Technology Summer 2014
Final Report - Creating Space for Strength
Creating Space for Strength-Final Report (Slides)
Course outline - Program and Practice Evaluation
Course Outline - Writing Educational Research EDER 603.24 Spring 2013 Eaton
Writing Educational Research - Course Outline EDER 603.24 Lecture 22 Spring 2013 Eaton - DRAFT
Eaton, Sarah Elaine - Marketing of Revenue-Generating ESL Programs at the University of Calgary- a Qualitative Study
How to facilitate an online discussion board
Course Outline 603.23 Winter 2013 Eaton
Course Outline 619.98 Winter 2013 Eaton - DRAFT
Creating Space for Strength - Demographic Info
Work plan - Community strengths, services and spaces in Calgary’s North Central communities
10 Characteristics of Community Leaders
EDER 603.21 - Research Methodology in Education - Eaton (Draft)
Template for a Research Paper
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