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AREAS OF RESEARCH: 1)Extended Mind; 2)Enactivism; 3)Externalism/Internalism; 4)Neural Plasticity;... see more see less

Patrolling the Boundaries of Synesthesia
The Extended Mind
OBO - Kiverstein Farina Clark 2013
On the Active Boundaries of Vision
Re-Thinking NeuroConstructivism through Dynamic (neuro) Enskilment
Substituting the Senses
The Evolved Apprentice - Mirko Farina
CCD Workshop August 2012 - Neither Touch nor Vision - Mirko Farina
Talk - Australasian Association Philosophy, 2012 - University of Wollongong
Talk @ Macquarie Uni - Workshop on Distributed Cognition
Talk @ Wollongong April 12-13th 2012 - Final
Perception, Action and Consciousness - Sensorimotor Dynamics and Two Visual Systems - Reviewed by Mirko Farina
Beyond the Brain - How Body and Environment Shape Animal and Human Minds - Reviewed by Mirko Farina
Do Sensory Substitution Devices Extend the Conscious Mind?
Talk @ Royal Society - Edinburgh 9-10th June 2011
Poster Barcelona (Workshop on Embodied, Distributed and Extended Cognition)
Cognitive Systems and the Extended Mind - Review
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