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Good Practices and Innovations in Public Governance 2003-2011
Compendium of Innovative E-government Practices - Volume III
Compendium on Knowledge Base of ICT Applications for Public Service - Volume II
World Public Sector Report 2010 - Reconstructing Public Administration after Conflict
UN Global E-Government Survey 2010 - Leveraging E-Government at a Time of Financial and Economic Crisis
World Public Sector Report 2003 - E-Government at the Crossroads
World Public Sector Report 2005 - Unlocking the Human Potential for Public Sector Performance
World Public Sector Report 2001 - Globalization and the State
UN Global e-Government Survey 2008 - From E-Government to Connected Governance
UN Global E-Government Readiness Report 2005 - From E-Government to E-Inclusion
UN Global e-Government Readiness Report 2004 - Towards Access for Opportunity
UN Global E-Government Survey 2003 - E-government at the Crossroads