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I am an English > Spanish translator specializing in Renewable Energy and Sustainability. I make ... see more see less

Certificate of Membership_IAPTI
How Can a Translator Make Your Business Successful
Webinar About Tags_Fernando D. Walker_2011
Workshop on Spanish Language_Fernando D. Walker_2007
Workshop on Post-Editing Machine Translation_Fernando D. Walker_2010
Workshop on Contrastive Grammar and Linguistic Relativity_Fernando D. Walker_2009
Workshop for Interpreters_Fernando D. Walker_2009
Translation Workshop_Fernando D. Walker_2010
Second Argentine Congress of Language and Society_Fernando D. Walker_2008
International Conference on Translation_Fernando D. Walker_2004
Intensive Workshop on Spanish Language_Fernando D. Walker_2010
II International Congress of Translation_Fernando D. Walker_2009
Fifth Latin American Congress of Translation and Interpreting_Fernando D. Walker_2010
Argentine Federation of Translators_6th Conference_Fernando D. Walker_2009
Argentine Federation of Translators_4th Conference_Fernando D. Walker_2005
Argentine Federation of Translators_3rd Conference_Fernando D. Walker_2004
Presentation about Associations for Translators and Interpreters by Luciana E. Lovatto and Fernando D. Walker
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