Descartes Regulae Mathematics, And Modern Psychology - 'the Noblest Example of All' in Light Turing's (1936) on Computable Numbers
Anamorphosis in Early Modern Perspective
Symbolic Mathematic and the Intellect Militant (Journal of the History of Ideas Vol. 57, No. 2, Apr., 1996)
Religious Motivations in Scholarly Pursuits
Piotr Kropotkin, The State. Its Historic Role (1897)
Interventions Into the History of Philosophy by 20th Century Women Philosophers
Hegel on Property and Personality
Godless Savages and Superstitious Dogs - Charles Darwin and Imperial Ethnography
Camp, Postmodernism and Kenneth Anger
Administrative Exercise of the Police Power, 1911
Administrative Exercise of Police Power II, 1911
Sovereign Immunity and Scientology
Scientology in the German Courts
Scientiology Ethics, Deviance, Identity, Social Control
New Religious Movements and Globalization
Classical Mechanics
The Political Bible in Early Modern England
Celestial Heirarchy
Foucault and Pragmatism
Koyre on Physics
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