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Light-Emitting Diodes in the Solid-State Lighting Systems
Archaeogate - The Merowe Dam on the Nile - By AC Sparavigna
Archaeogate - The Geoglyphs of Titicaca, by AC Sparavigna
Una settimana di otto giorni celata negli anelli concentrici
A Venetian Book of Islands
A possible role of sunrise/sunset azimuth in the planning of ancient Chinese towns
Honeycomb and auxetic paper-based metamaterials
On the solar orientation of Ales Stenar site
On the Heat of the Sun - Robert Grosseteste de Calore Solis
The Garamantian Kingdom - An Outline From Herodotus to the Satellite Images
Oil Water and Crater-like Landforms of the Libyan Desert
The Roman Dodecahedron of Kadath
The Roman Dodecahedron
Il Dodecaedro Romano
Discussion of the De Generatione Sonorum, a treatise on sound and phonetics by Robert Grosseteste
L'orientamento astronomico di Torino
Carlo Promis e l'Antica Torino
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