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S-1 Teknik Planologi ITB, 1988 S-2 Urban and Regional Planning Graduate, 1998 School of Public an... see more see less

Ekspose Kinerja Kementerian Perumahan Rakyat Tahun 2012
Evaluasi Pembangunan Perumahan Rakyat Tahun 2012 dan Rekomendasi Tahun 2013
Tinjauan Kualitatif. Dampak Sosial Bantuan Langsung Tunai (BLT) di Indonesia. Draft Temuan Awal
Qualitative Assessment. The Social Impacts of Cash Transfer Programmes in Indonesia. Draft Initial Findings.
Localizing Development. Does Participation Work?
Pedoman 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Berbasis masyarakat di Kawasan Permukiman
A Policy Guide to Rental Housing in Developing Countries. Quick Policy Guide Series. Volume 1
Better Cities for Kosovo. Visioning as Participatory Planning Tool. Learning from Kosovo Practices.
Innovative Urban Tenure in the Philippines. Challenge, Approaches and Institutionalization. Summary Report
Urban Planning for City Leaders
Fiscal Decentralization in Japan
Join the World Urban Campaign. Better City Better Life.
Fiscal Decentralization in the Philippines
Public Private Partnerships in Housing and Urban Development
Islamic Principles and Land. Opportunities for Engagement
Oswar Mungkasa
Green Cities
Implementing Energy Subsidy Reforms. Evidence from Developing Countries
Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2012. 43rd edition
Success and Failure in Urban Transportation Infrastructure Projects
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