Miranda Magdalena

Atterton-Calarco, On Levinas
Van Der Tuin, Diffraction as a Methodology
Van Der Tuin, Diffraction as a Methodology
Van Der Tuin, Pushing Dualisms to the Extreme
Van Der Tuin, Ahuman Humanities
Miranda Magdalena
Myself as an Other
Catherine Malabou who is afraid of hegel?
Masculinidad y Feminidad División Errónea de La Persona. Aportaciones Desde La Didactica de La Lengua
Miranda Magdalena
Empire, Negri and Hardt
Catherine Malabou-Plasticity at the Dusk of Writing_ Dialectic, Destruction, Deconstruction (Insurrections_ Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, And Culture) (2009)
Decreto 133:2005 Boletín Andalucía
Miranda Magdalena
Malas madres
Feminism and Motherhood within gender bending stories
Transgressing Gender Bounds Winterson
Birke, Animal Performances and Exploration of Intersections Between Feminist Science Studies and Studies of Human Animal Relationships
Gaard, Feminist Animal Studies in the US Bodies Matter
Flynn, Battered Women and Their Animal Companions Simbolic Interactions Between Human and Nonhuman Animals
Flynn, Hunting and Illegal Violence Against Human and Other Animals Exploring the Relationship
Miranda Magdalena
Life Beyond the Self
Irigaray This Sex Which is Not One
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