Faisal Sardar

Assistant Executive Engineer
003-river and chawsnnel training works design.pdf
Laboratory Investigations Chap7
Calibration of Laboratory Soils Testing Equipment
Bearing Capicity of Shallowdd Foundations by Terzagi and Vesic
Bearing Capacity All Methdddods
SPT Correction Table
Faisal Sardar
Properties of Rock
To Study the Flow Characteristics Over the Hump Orweir in a Rectangular Channel
To Study the Flow Characteristics of Hydraulic Jump Developed in Laboratory Flume
To Investigate Relationship Between Specific Energy and Depth of Flow
Salient Features of Existing & Proposed Dams in Pakistan
Estimate the Live Storage Capacity of Reservoir .
Determine Mannings Roughness Coefficient and Chezy Roughness Coefficient in a Labortary Flume
Determination of the Flakiness and the Elongation Determination of Angularity Number
Faisal Sardar
Compaction Test
To Study the Elastic Stress Strain Behavior in Bending Using Electrical Resistance Strain Gauges
To Study the Bending Behavior of Z-sec
To Determine Elastic Critical Load of Metal Column for Different End Conditions
To Determine Elastic Critical Load and Initial Imperfection of a Pin Ended Column Using Southwell Plot Techneique
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