Job Creation and Tax Cut Act of 2010
GAO Report - The Quality Comparability and Review of Emissions Inventories Vary Between Developed and Developing Nations GAO-10-818
House Energy Committee Letter to EPA on Ethanol E15
Status of 2nd Generation Biofuels Demonstration Facilities in June 2010 - IEATask39-0610
ADM asks EPA for E12 saying it's more practical in near-term
VEETC Ethanol Tariff Extension by Earl Pomeroy
CRS Report on "Calculation of Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the Renewable Fuel Standard"
E15 - Joint Letter on Second Public Comment Period
E15 - Joint Letter on Second Public Comment Period
Biofuels Industry Lobbies U.S. Congress for 30% Tax Credit
New Tax Extenders with Biodiesel Tax Credit
Growing Americas Fuels by Biofuels Inter Agency Working Group
HR 4512 - Legislation to require the Secretary of Energy to implement country-of-origin disclosure requirements with respect to motor vehicle fuels
Brazil Sugarcane Statistical Yearbook
EPA delays decision on higher ethanol blends - Letter to Growth Energy
ACE Letter on Obama Inter Agency Biofuels Working Group
Innovations Jose Gold Em Berg
Accenture Betting on Science Study Overview
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