Corina Red-cor

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Dim Psih a Muzdfsfdsfdsfdsicii Iasi 2003
Nero (band)History[edit] Daniel and Joe were both born in 1984 and spent their childhood together in Northwood, London. Ray played classical guitar and Stephens played cello with encouragement from his free-jazz musician father. By the time a mutual friend introduced them at the age of 15, Stephens was attending the specialist music school at Pimlico. Outside school both were making electronic music on home computers. They began working together at 17, setting up a studio in Stephens' bedroom. The latter had already been a fan of jungle music after seeing M-Beat featuring General Levy on Top of the Pops in 1994. Ray’s epiphany (according to Q), happened in the London club Fabric where the duo's ideas about producing were cemented.[4] Nero's debut release was "Space 2001" as part of the "Straight Outta Leicester" three piece vinyl LP on Reformed Recordings in 2004. Nero's debut dubstep release was "This Way." Sasha Frere-Jones, journalist for the New Yorker Magazine, listed Ner
OMUL Muzica Universului Gheorghe Brnici
OMUL Muzica Universului Gheorghe Brnici
2177915 Yann Tiersen Le Moulin Amelie Poulain
Prelude in Csharp Minor Op 3 No 2
Corina Red-cor
Corina Red-cor
Mothers Journey
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