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Who Should Decide How Children are Educated?
Conceiving "Pregnancy" U.S. Medical Dictionaries and Their Definitions of "Conception" and "Preggnancy"
The Top Ten Myths About Homosexuality
Risk Association- Abortion and Preterm Birth
The Effect of Parental Involvement Laws
Induced Abortion and Subsequent Preterm Birth Evidence of Risk Association
The Effects of Pornography on Individuals
Family Research Council
Adoption Works Well
Religious Practice and Educational Attainment
Family Research Council
Index of Belonging and Rejection
Repealing the Death Tax Will Create Jobs and Boost Economy
Homosexual Activist Kevin Jennings Not Fit for Dept. of Education_Sprigg
Family Research Council
Homosexual Assault in the Military Peter Sprigg
Summary of the Capps Amendment to Afford Ability Health Choices Act
Life Amendments in House and Senate
Assessing Judge Sonia Sotomayor Before Her Confirmation Hearings
Talking Pts Why Homosexual Activist Kevin Jennings is Not Fit for the Dept. of Education
Is Late-Term Abortion Ever Necessary
Family Research Council
Obama, The UN and Women's Rights
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