Online Resources for FRG Leaders 5 0 (3)
Georgia State Bill Introducing Military Child Interstate Compact
Katheryn Light
AR 608-1
Care Team Handbook 20101
Katheryn Light
FRG Leaders Handbook
Get Help Finding and Paying for Child Care.....NACCRRA
Social Security Benefits for Wounded Warriors
Kids Army Certificate of Appreciation
FRG Statement of Non Partcipation[1]
Reference Guide of All Army Resources[1]
Katheryn Light
VA Information
Military Spouse info on how to apply with the new USA Jobs system
Katheryn Light
Military Discounts
Katheryn Light
IDES Pocket Guide
Support Groups for Various Purposes
When Your Son or Daughter Goes Through Basic Training
Katheryn Light
Hotlines for Assistance, National
Wounded Warrior and Family Resources for Assistance
Resource Links for Wounded Warriors
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