Erik Norvelle
Aquinas Timeline
Chronology of Aristotelian Commentators
Boethius on the Mechanics of Sound (de Musica, 1, 3)
Erik Norvelle
Erik Norvelle
Augustine, On Ideas
Aquinas, Super Sent, L2, D14, Q1, A3
Aquinas, Super Sent, L1, D2, Q1, A2
Aquinas, Super de Causis, Lectio 14
On Nature, Book 6 (De anima), Part 3, Chapters 1-5
Long Commentary on the de Anima, Liber 2, Dists 66 - 75
On Nature, Book 6, Part 2, Chapters 4 and 5
De Homine, T 1, Q 20, Art 5
Sources of Greek and Arab Sciences in the Middle Ages
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