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How to Be A Communist 1) Read Marx and Engels (primary sources) 2) Read Works by Lenin and Stalin... see more see less

V. I. Lenin v. I. Lenin Collected Works Volume 4 1898 - April 1901 1960
V. I. Lenin v. I. Lenin Collected Works 1895 - 1897 Volume 2 1960
A Dictionary of Terms and Quotations - Compiled from the works of V.I. Lenin By Thomas Bell 1942
The State - A Lecture - LENIN
Communist Party
Russia Study Notes
A Study Guide for Communist Revolutionaries
socialism - utopian and scientific - engels
the great reversal - the privatization of china 1978-1989 - william hinton
restoration of capitalism in the ussr - martin nicolaus
vi lenin - what the friends of the people are and how they fight the social-democrats
the part played by labour in the transition prom ape to man - engels
one step forward two steps back
workers of all countries unite
the polemic on the general line of the international communist movement
the historical experience of war against fascism
Communist Party
rev com party of chile
Communist Party
proletarian science
more on differences between comrade togiatti and us
differences between com togiatti and us
a mirror for revisionists
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