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Old enough to be a Vietnam Vet, reluctant great-grandfather, cynical curmudgeon, eclectic iconoclast

Commentary on Foreigners' (P. K.) Dick
When Faith Untuned the Sky
Frank Bertrand
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Letters to Editor of PKD Otaku With Addendums
Late Night Thoughts While Listening to Opera?
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My Life and Philip K. Dick an Interview With Bruce Gillespie
Lucy and Phil an Interview With Lucy Sussex
Interview With Tod Machover (Composer of the Opera VALIS)
Interview With Pierre-Paul Durastanti (French Translator of PKD)
Interview With Linda Hartinian and Frier McCollister About Their Play Flow My Tears the Policeman Said
How Jeet Heer Betrayed Philip K. Dick Admirers to Marxist Literary Critics
Between the Idea and the Reality T.S. Eliot's the Hollow Men and PKDs Time Out of Joint
A Little Known PKD Inspired Radio Gem the Philip K. Dick Van Dyke Show
Dear Phil an Epistolary Discourse No 6
Dear Phil an Epistolary Discourse No 5
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