Handout Projectfase 2 - Berlage
TPM Catalogue of Concepts, Theories and Methods
reAct methodological design
Poster presentation - Social mechanisms to support the design of peer-based learning environments
Proposal v4.0 - Improving p2p learning through reputation
Thieme Hennis
The Online Pan Optic On David Rip Hag En 3TU
Thieme Hennis
ED Media '08, Future of Delft OCW, A Case Study
SEFI '08 - User Experiences with TU Delft Open Course Ware
Downes - Future of Online Learning 2008
NWO-MVI Proposal 020908
Wack uncharted waters ahead
Wack Shooting the rapids
Schoemaker - Scenario planning
Van Notten - An updated scenario typology
article Bouwman Van der Duin Technology forecasting and scenarios matter
Hennis, TA- The Future of Delft OCW MScThesis
Self-assessment English
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