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Mechanical properties of SiC/Gr/Al composites fabricated by squeeze casting technology
The thermal expansion and mechanical properties of high reinforcement content SiCp/Al composites fabricated by squeeze casting technology
Application of diamond-coated cutting tools
Drilling of Al-Mg-Cu Alloys and Al-Mg-Cu/SiC Composites
D_Grain Refinement of Mg Alloys
Parametric Studies on the Tribological Behavoiur of Aluminium Matrix Hybrid Composites
Tribological Behavoiur of Aluminium/ Alumina/Graphite Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite using Taguchi’s Techniques
Development of Aluminium Based Silicon Carbide Particulate Metal Matrix Composite
CVD Diamond Coatings on Geometrically Complex Cutting Tools
Effects of the casting temperature on microstructure and mechanical properties of the squeeze-cast Al–Zn–Mg–Cu alloy
Effects of Mn content on microstructures and mechanical properties of Al-5.0Cu-0.5 Fe alloys prepared by squeeze casting
The mechanical properties of Al2O3/aluminum alloy A356 composite manufactured by squeeze casting
The indirect ultrasonic vibration process for rheo-squeeze casting of A356 aluminum alloy & 2012
Tensile behavoiur of squeeze cast AM100 magnesium alloy and its Al2O3 fibre reinforced composites
Microstructure characterization and tensile properties of squeeze-cast AlSiMg alloys
Me231 Nov Dec 2006
AHSS 101
cutting force of metal matrix composite in drilling process
Fatigue Life Estimation Of Hybrid Aluminium Matrix Composites
Optimization of Cutting Parameters for Turning Al/SiC(10p) MMC using ANOVA and Grey Relational Analysis
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