MIT Copyright Seminar 3-13-2015 (Reduced File Size)
Sylvania and Vertical Restraints on Distribution
A Short Legal Guide to Auditing Your Web Site
Implication of Lotus v. Borland, Lawyers Weekly, 1995
Gesmer Updegrove Client Advisory - Blizzard v. Jung
Massachusetts Tech Tax Repealed
Applying Copyright Law to New Technologies Continues to Prove Challenging
Applying Copyright Law to New Technologies Still Challenging - 9-9-13 Lawyers Weekly Article
Using the CDA and the DMCA to Limit Liability
New Law Applies Mass Sales and Us Tax to Software-Related Services v. 2
Google Reply Brief (Oracle)
1-800 Contacts v. Lens.com
Oracle Response and Reply Brief
Oracle Opening Brief
Microsoft-EMC Amicus Brief
Google Appeal Brief (Oracle)
Communications Industry Amicus- Oracle v Google
U.S. v. Apple; SDNY decision July 2013
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