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Ziad Abdelnour - The New Power Elite Shaping the New World Order
Financial Policy Council Re- Elects Ziad Abdelnour to Three Year Term
Why the Economy is Not Improving
The Challenges and Opportunities in Africa
Ziad K Abdelnour
Women's Coming to Power
Breaking Down the Political Messages - Five Fairness Fallacies
Obamacare critics fearful of the federal government
America’s Fiscal Policy in Action
Blackhawk Partners/Inter-M Traders and Woodside LLC sign a $500 Million Agreement to Fund & Facilitate the purchase and sale of commodities transactions (i.e.
4Major Power Brokers Shaping Our Global Capital & Financial Markets
Ziad K. Abdelnour–Blackhawk Partners, Inc.
Why the “Progressive” theology is based on Hubris and Cannot Succeed
Ziad K Abdelnour
Is This Capitalism?
Why We Need the Rich by Ziad K Abdelnour
“Will we be in a recession soon?” and “When will it end?”- by Ziad K Abdelnour
The belief “I’m rich, therefore I must be very smart” is a recipe for disaster
So is the US Economy in a Depression or on the Way to a Recovery By Ziad K Abdelnour
The Five Myths of Private Equity By Ziad K Abdelnour
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