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Quantum Theory of Condensed Matter

Quantum Theory of Condensed Matter

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Published by adi63

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Published by: adi63 on Jul 13, 2012
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Quantum Theory of Condensed Matter
John ChalkerPhysics Department, Oxford University2010
I aim to discuss a reasonably wide range of quantum-mechanical phenomena from condensed matter physics,with an emphasis mainly on physical ideas rather than mathematical formalism. The most important prerequisiteis some understanding of second quantisation for fermions and bosons. There will be two problems classes inaddition to the lectures.Michaelmas Term 2010: Lectures in the Fisher Room, Dennis Wilkinson Building, Physics Department, onMondays at 12:00 and Tuesdays at 11:00 in weeks 2–9.
Spin waves in magnetic insulators
One-dimensional quantum magnets
Superfluidity in a weakly interacting Bose gas
Landau’s theory of Fermi liquids
BCS theory of superconductivity
The Mott transition and the Hubbard model
The Kondo effect
Disordered conductors and Anderson localisation
Anderson insulators
The integer and fractional quantum Hall effects1
with U(1) symmetry
Weak correlations
Overall scheme
Strong correlations Weak correlations
Bosons Fermions
Ideal Bose gas Ideal Fermi gasBCS superconductorLandaufermi liquidHubbard model +Mott insulatorKondoeffectAnderson insulatorQHEOrderedmagnetSuperfluidStrongfluctuations in 1D
weak interactionsweak attractionweak repulsionrandom impurity potentialrepulsion +periodic latticemagnetic fieldin 2DRepulsion atone lattice siteEquivalence
N W Ashcroft and N D Mermin
Solid State Physics
, Holt-Sanders (1976). I assume familiarity with thismaterial.S-K Ma
Statistical Mechanics
, World Scientific (1985). Strongly recommended book at a level suitable forfirst year graduate students.J-P Blaizot and G Ripka
Quantum Theory of Finite Systems
, MIT (1986). A very thorough treatment of second quantisation, canonical transformations and self-consistent field approximations.
Recent Graduate Texts
A. Altland and B. D. Simons
Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
, CUP (2006). An acces-sible introduction to the subject.S. Sachdev
Quantum Phase Transitions
, CUP (1999).An advanced survey of theoretical approaches to this subject.H. Bruus and K. Flensberg
Many Body Quantum Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
, OUP (2004).A detailed introduction to techniques and a discussion of topics of current interest, especially in connectionwith mesoscopic conductors and quantum dots.X.-G. Wen
Quantum Field Theory of Many-Body Systems
, OUP (2004). An outline of basic material fol-lowed by an introductionto some advancedtopics (topologicalorder,the fractionalquantumHall effect, andspin liquids).A. M. M. Tsvelik 
Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
, CUP (1995). A concise survey of applications of field theory to condensed matter problems, especially in one dimension.A. Auerbach
Interacting Electrons and Quantum Magnetism
, Springer (1994).A reasonably gentle introduction to a range of current theoretical ideas.
General Texts
P W Anderson
Concepts in Solids
, Benjamin (1963). Perhaps the best place to start reading about quantum-mechanical aspects of solid state physics at a postgraduate level.C Kittel
Quantum Theory of Solids
, Wiley (1963). [N.B.
the undergraduate text by the same author].Includes most of the material covered in the first third of the lecture course.D. Pines and P. Nozieres
The Theory of Quantum Liquids, Volume 1
, Addison Wesley (1989). A standardaccount of Fermi liquids.P W Anderson
Basic Notions in Condensed Matter Physics
, Benjamin (1984). An advanced discussion of some of the most important ideas in the subject.A. J. Leggett
Quantum Liquids
, OUP (2006). A clear and wide-ranging discussion of Bose condensationand Cooper pairing.3

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