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gaudiya math chennai / The Gaudiya July 2012

gaudiya math chennai / The Gaudiya July 2012

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Published by divineriver
contact swami lalit krishna brahmachari, gaudiya math, chennai, india. mobile +91 94440 38271 for further communication
contact swami lalit krishna brahmachari, gaudiya math, chennai, india. mobile +91 94440 38271 for further communication

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Published by: divineriver on Jul 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Spiritual Monthly
EåÁÃMoÀÆ uƒÆÁåΩ ÆsÁ“| ™ÏúÆÏ `\o: @ uå§| ãá: Nw˛…mé§ãázÆÏ MoÊ ƒ{∫ÁSƙϠXÆoz@@ ú¿Áúu`YN˛oÆÁ §ÏÜÆÁ “u∫é§uãá ƒÀoÏå: @™Ï™ÏqÏuß úu∫nÆÁTÁzƒ{∫ÁSÆÊ ¢˛¡TÏ N˛·Æoz@@˛
Vol. LVJULY 2012No. 11
»y»y TϪ TÁ{∫ÁWïÁ{ \Æo:
 üƒÁ“{∫»ÓmÁÊ åƒ\¬tN˛Ázby –∆Á{ táÁåÊ üz™ÜÆÁ| ú∫™útN˛Ázby ü“Ãå™Ω @ ƒ™ãoÊ ™ÁáÏÆ|{∫™wo uåuáN˛Ázbyu∫ƒ oåÏ- XZbÁußÀoÊ ƒãtz “u∫™““ ÃÊãÆÁÃN˛úb™Ω @@
All Glory to Sri Gaura Hari (Sri Chaitanya) Whose Eyes are, as ifclouds of the rainy season having tears ceaselessly springing fromThem; Whose esoteric Aspects of the ecstatic rapturing devotionalMood is far surpassingly beatific than that of the Bliss of a crore of anyhuman pursuit, nay, before which (it) the Bliss of Vaikuntha evenbecomes insignificant; ah, what a glory, the effulgence and the charmof His Body is, as it were, brilliantly shining like the most precious jewels(gems) of the Nectarine Blissful Ocean, and Who is none but Sri HariHimself but roams about on the earth in a disguise of a mendicant.
 –– Srila Prabodh
nanda Saraswati
The Distin-ctive Monismhas establishedEver-existingVishu as theSupremeAuthority of thePersonality ofGodhead. Butthere is again adissensionbetween thisVaishnavite view and the Shaiviteaggression where the Impersonaltermination is figured by the PhallicEmblematic Form of Representation ofa temporal existence. They have adistinct motive of establishingImpersonalism in the long run, though forthe sake of argument they come forwardwith a quarrelling attitude with regard tothe Eternal situation of the Personality ofGod-head.Commentators also differ in thedivisibility of the Integral Brahman bysuspending Swagata, Svajatiya andVijatiya Bhedas which we always meetin the gross objects of this temporalworld; whereas manifestive distinction areand can be found in the transcendenceas well without any, rupture orunwholesoeness of this gross andmundane region.
Transcendental Spontaneous Import: Vidvat-Rudhi Vritti of Shrutis 
:– There may occur a doubt as to why theCommentators have shown differenttemperments from the reading of anidentical passage in the Aphorisms. Wemay say in reply that they have beenguided by wrong recollective convictionsof Nature’s qualitative products instead ofhaving any true aural transcendentalreception from the lips of true devotees.The transcendental Sounds are notlocated in the different chambers of themuseum of mundane relativity, but theyhave got ‘
’ which kills functionalreferences of sounds which are quiteadaptable to the senses.
Aspect of Shrimoorti 
:– TheImpersonal school believes that theconception of ‘Indistinctive
’ andthe partial conception of the All-wide
should be the final decisionof the Vedanta-Darshan. But as thepolemic side of the Aphorisms was meantfor the infant class of theologicalseminary, no elucidating treatise shouldbe inserted in the Aphorisms which wouldbe rather perplexing to unfledged youthswho are busy with their puerile mundaneimpressions. The juvenile thought issupplemented by the true transcendentalpastimes of the Personality of
and not by a particular Aspect of the OneWho is considered as the Fountainheadof all Personalities of Godhead.
Krishna hassolved the whole question in all its phasesby including the fullest identity of Brahmanwhere transcendental relativities do notform cataracts to the eyes of readers, andin approaching Him the interpretationsof Bhagavatam and SatwataPancharatras have paved the way to getthe true ontological aspect of Vedanta. Sothe five descending Aspects of Krishnain five planes are no barriers as they areto the shortsighted policy of the Mayavadisand Karmis.In the fifth Aspect of
we findthe best suitability of regulating the wrongactivities of our senses which actuate usas enjoyers of mundane phenomena andof having a devotional temperament toregain the relatioship with the AbsoluteKrishna.
Pithy Precepts of Srila Prabhupâd
Thus Spake Srila Âchâryadeva
Because this ‘mere’ Lord wasproclaiming Truths that were opposed tosuch concoctions of the diseased mindtherefore, they thought that they owed itto themselves to drive Him out as the‘destroyer’ of the religion of the Hindus.Nay, further as the Mahamantra of theName of Krishna was on a par with otherMantras and as no Mantra was to beuttered in a loud voice so as to be heardby anybody else, the potency of mantrabeing impaired if heard by any man, andas Nimai Himself said that the Name ofKrishna is Mahamantra and yet loudlyproclaimed the same, purposely to makeall people hear the Name, therefore, wasit not decisively established that by suchconduct which was undeniably opposedto the shastras He was proved to be guiltyof deliberately profaning the shastras ofthe Hindus?These so-called Hindus who were asa matter of fact polytheists who placedthe chit and jada in one and the samecategory, who considered God and theName of God as a mere constituent oftheir ordinary ceremonies, in order toharass Sri Nimai, had recourse to theKazi.Kazi came to Srivas Pandit’s house,broke the Mridanga (Khol) and issuedprohibitory orders against making noiseabout Sri Nimai’s queer religion on penaltyof conversion to Mohammedanism. SriNimai did not submit to this order of theKazi forbidding Samkirtana. He led aprocession of fourteen groups withthousands of men through the streetssinging the Name of Krishna by themethod of non-violent civil disobediencein the shape of open performance ofSamkirtana,reached theresidence ofKazi and had adiscussion withhim and broughtabout a changein his mind. Theban waswithdrawn.This oppo-sition could not be toleratedand He determined to win sympathy andco-operation of His antago-nists bypersonal sacrifice to asceticism for thegreater cause of humanity. The orthodoxclass sticking to their inert ideas of religioncould not understand this dynamic religionof Love. He, at the age of 24 one night,leaving Shachimata and Sri Vishnupriya tosuffer the pangs of His separation,proceeded to Katwa in Burdwan District,in West Bengal took to ascetic life fromKeshava Bharati, and took the Name SriKrishna Chaitanya. He demonstratedbefore the world that hatred and jealousycould be conquered by love, indisciplineby discipline, intemperance in behaviourand conduct by temperance and self-control.According to arrangement,Nityananda Prabhu, Gadadhar,Brahmananda, Chandra Sekhara andMukunda Dutta joined Him at Katwa. SriChaitanya Mahaprabhu was now entirelyGod intoxicated and knew no life apart fromreligious ecstasy. ‘‘Where is Krishna, theDarling of My heart to be found’’ were theonly words from His lips. He intended toproceed to Puri. The journey being unsafe,because of war between the kings ofBengal (Hussain Shah) and Orissa

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