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Despite Incredible Odds

Despite Incredible Odds

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Published by Huckelberry
Yet more feverish imagination at work
Yet more feverish imagination at work

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Huckelberry on Jul 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Despite incredible odds, Irene Weisberg Zisblatt survived the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp during the Holocaust. In
The Fifth Diamond 
, she shares her incredible story, to teach future generationsabout the past so they can learn for the future
The Fifth Diamond: The Story of Irene Weisberg Zisblatt 
 Irene Weisberg Zisblatt and Gail Ann Webb"As a young prisoner in the camps, Irene witnessed and experiencedunspeakable cruelty and brutality. She lost her whole family to the gaschambers. She was a "guinea pig" for Dr Josef Mengele, who performedinhumane experiments on her. The last mementoes of her family werethe fourdiamonds given to her by her mother, that she had to keep swallowing overand over so they wouldn't be confiscated. She walked for two months on adeath march while thousands of weakened prisoners dropped dead aroundher. Through it all, she held onto her hope and faith and, encouraged by thestrength of her friend, Sabka, somehow she made it through one ofhumankind's darkest eras."Although she swore to tell the world of the atrocities she'd seen, to be a voicefor her friends and fellow prisoners, it took her fifty years to get over her fearand shame before she could do so. After taking part in the March of theLiving, a walk through the camps culminating in Israel, she opened up andshared her story with the younger generation. She's been sharing it eversince, speaking around the world, testifying for the Survivors of the ShoahVisual History Foundation and taking part in Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winningdocumentary, "The Last Days."Irene's friend and co-writer, Gail Ann Webb, calls Irene the fifth diamondbecause, she says, God left the world the fifth diamond, Irene, to tell a story ofhope, love, courage…and of survival. A diamond is indestructible, and so isIrene Weisberg Zisblatt."
DOWNLOAD AND READ THE PDF OF THE FIFTH DIAMOND HERECould you remember 8,000 words spoken to you decades ago?How about 8,000 words spoken to you last year?Irene Zisblatt claims :
She escaped from inside a gas chamber  
She barely avoided having her unblemished skin turned into alampshade
Doctor Mengele removed her tattoo (1995 but not Dr. Mengeleaccording ot her latest version)
She was thrown over the electrified barbed wire at the campsafter escaping the gas chamber, naked, onto a train to another camp
 A Nazi nurse gave her a phoney lethal injection 
She repeatedly swallowed and defecated four diamonds for almost a year and a half while an inmate of the Germanconcentration camps 
Multiple claims of Nazis draining blood from Jews
She claims General Patton visited her at a hospital in Pilzen,Czechoslovakia, where he gave her his “scarf” and his four star “buttons”
 Along with even more outrageous, racist lies.Read for yourself the sheer stupidity and impossibility of the eventsdescribed in what is labelled in the Library of Congress under :History / Auschwitz / WWII / Autobiography
Sat, Nov 28, 2009
The Most Bizarre Holocaust Tale Ever Told? Having Sex in the Human Excrement of Auschwitz!
 Dear Friends, While doing my research for a future Revisionist article, I came across one the most bizarre andoutlandish Holocaust tales I've ever heard. I would like to share it with you. Being the President of the American and World Federation of Polish Jews, Dr. JosephTenenbaum was a very important Jewish leader around the end of WWII. In the aftermathof the war, he went on a "fact-finding tour" or Poland in 1946. His book,
In Search of a Lost People: The Old and the New Poland 
(The Beechhurst Press, 1948), is a chronicle of his "discoveries" and "facts" about the condition of the Jews both during and after the war. Of course, he was interested in the alleged "Nazi extermination camp" of Auschwitz-Birkenauand how the Jews behaved under the threat of "death by gassing." He took a special interest inthe toilets and latrines of this camp, and what happened to the Jews in them during the war.We let Dr. Tenenbaum pick up the story here (page 145): "I heard harrowing stories of theselatrines of Birkenau, of how the children hid for hours in the foulness, to escape gassing,how love went on in these places and
sexes mated in the dung under the threat of instantaneous death when discovered 
[emphasis added]; how business thrived and gossipthrilled in these latrines. In Birkenau, the latrines were everything--the place of exchange, the

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