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Miss Susie's Summer Travels 2012 FINAL FINAL *

Miss Susie's Summer Travels 2012 FINAL FINAL *

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Published by Susie Siegel

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Published by: Susie Siegel on Jul 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sardinia,ItalySicily, Italy
Miss Susie’s Summer Adventures...2012
 Miss Susie’sSummerAdventures
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, (Honolulu)
(Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice Lakes, Havar, Zagreb) BOSNIA(Border)
(Istanbul, Kusadasi)
(Santorini, Athens)
(Sicily,Sorrento, Sardinia)
(Europe and Asia(Istanbul)
places your
mind and heart visit
and miles of growthattained when traveling...Hello Friends,Many of you have kept up with my adventures through Social Media and suchbut I am recapping my summer in this note in case you’d like a look.
I am NOT good with endings. I get attached very fast to most things that I aminvolved in and especially to students that I teach 6 hours a day for 175
or so
 (depending on furloughs!) days a year. Not to mention their incredible parentsand families.It is always evident to me that the best part of my job is forming bonds withkids and their families.
There is nothing better t
han being around 4, 5 and 6 year-olds!It was an especially difficult transition because while I will see most of my formerKindergartners in the grades to come, I was also saying goodbye somewhatmore permanently to the 5th-grade class at Yick Wo with whom I had becomeparticularly close---since that was the class that EXPERIENCED my PRICE IS RIGHTDebut and having snack with then Mayor Gavin Newsom in our classroom.We bonded and the parents in that class were some I will miss terribly.So after my Kindergarten Graduation which was very emotional to me, Ibasically crashed for 2 weeks straight. I just couldn’t move...
Miss Susie’s Summer Adventures...2012
heartsick? SICK? Tired? filled with the dread of cleaning my classroom out forsummer school....probably a mix of all of the above.It is common for me by the last days of the school year just to feel like the bloodhas been sucked out of my body that I have given all that I could give. I am sortof like that with most things I am passionate about. I receive so much more thanI possibly give but nevertheless I was WIPED!!!My theme for this year’s graduation in my classroom was Mama Cass’s “MakeYour Own Kind of Music.” I want the kids to know that adults and others maypressure them to be a part of the machine or the pack but sometimes theyneed to go against the grain to do what they believe in....we all sang thistogether(families and kids)MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSICSING YOUR OWN SPECIAL SONGMAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC EVEN IF NOBODY ELSE SINGS ALONG...I love that. Youtube it.
STAR DATE: About June 9 or so,
I felt more like Susie again and the transition from“Miss Susie” to Susie had begun!It is amazing how stressful work can get and sometimes I can’t see straight then Iget a few weeks, let alone
S off and I am like: “This is the BEST JOB ONEARTH”---especially when I get SO MUCH TIME OFF!I think about most jobs where one is lucky to get 2 weeks off. Even when that isthe case while one is away business is still open so he/she still has to worry insome respects. In teaching, typically the kids are off for summer and there is atrue respite before it starts up again.So I am well aware of my good fortune, really I am.
STAR DATE: June 10 or So
Summer cleaning! It felt good to have lots of time to get rid...I spent time
Miss Susie’s Summer Adventures...2012

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