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The Paige Turner July '12

The Paige Turner July '12

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Personal, inspirational writing
Personal, inspirational writing

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Published by: Paige Terry Hamilton on Aug 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Paige Terry Hamilton lives in theheart of Louisiana’s Cajun country  with her husband Jon and theirblended family of five children
 whofor the next month are ages 9, 10, 11,12 and 13
. They are activemembers of Calvary Chapel of Lafayette,and enjoy theblessings of being a homeschool family.When not climbing the endlessmountain of dirty laundry, Paigeenjoys encouraging ordinary womento grow in their faith in an very EXTRA
ordinary Godthrough writing andspeaking.You can read more of Paige’s writings on herblog, Paige’s Pages
http:// paigikins.blogspot.com/ 
.Paige can be reached via email atpaigikins17@yahoo.com.
 J  u  l  y   ’ 1  2
Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!
~Psalms 34:8
 E T T UC E 
 A T
erhaps those are the mostcommonly heard words inmy home. Morning, noon,night ... my five children seem toendlessly say to me:
“Mom, I’m hungry.”
Feeding my children ispractically a full
time job thatneeds my constant and devotedattention. It is certainly themost time
consuming part of my day. And still, my childrenspend a large portion of theirday trying to convince me thatthey are hungry. On the nextpage is a food diary of sorts toshow what a typical morning inour home might looklike ... and I surely hope other moms will be able to relateto my experience!
Mom, I’m Hungry!
        
  S  e  e  d  s   o  f   M  y   F  a  i  t  h 
        
 A l l  A b o u t
 P a i e
A Food Diary of sorts
Wake Up and EAT!
6:30 amJulia: Good morning, Momma. I’mhungry. Can I have some breakfast?7:00 amJoel: I’m hungry, Mom. What is there toeat for breakfast in this house?7:15 amNathan: Mom, I’m extra hungry thismorning. Can I make myself a couple offried eggs? Please?!?
 A Mid-Morning Snack
8:00 amMaddie: I’m hungry. I ate a peach withtoast for breakfast, but I need somethingelse to fill my stomach.8:10 amMegan: GiGi, I already ate a bowl ofcereal but I’m still hungry. Can I eatsomething else?8:30 amJoel: Mom, I’m HUNGRY. Seriously,there is nothing to eat. What am I goingto do?9:13 amJulia: When is lunch? I’m hungry!9:25 amNathan: It’s been over 2 hours sincebreakfast, and I’m very hungry. Can Ihave a snack?
Is it Time for Lunch?
9:58 amJoel: mom ...
MoM ...
... i’m hungry. When’slunch?10:04 amMegan: GiGi... I’m really hungry. Howmuch longer before lunch?
 M o s t  M o r n i n s ...
For there is more to life than food ...Luke 12:23
10:16 amNathan: Mom. I’m hungry so I’m going togo make myself a peanut butter sandwichto hold me off until lunch.10:28 amMaddie: GiGi ... I’m so hungry I think Imight faint. Please say it is time for lunch!10:32 amJulia: Momma, isn’t it lunch time yet?I’m hungry. Megan’s hungry. Nathan ishungry. Everyone is hungry.
Can We Eat Yet?
10:58 amMegan: GiGi, I’ve noticed it is lunch time.Do you need me to help you make lunchor can you handle it by yourself?11:03 amNathan: Yay! Mom’s in the kitchen,everyone! It’s lunchtime!11:04 amMaddie: Lunch? Great! I thought I wasgoing to starve to death!
Lunch is Served
11:15 amMom: It’s lunchtime, kids!From 11:15 until 11:30, the only noisesare those of happy children devouringtheir lunch of sandwiches, carrot sticks,pretzels and fresh fruit.
And then ...
12:14 pmMegan: GiGi, I’m feeling a little hungry.What’s for our afternoon snack?11:06 amJoel: I hope it’s not peanut buttersandwiches again. I’m too hungry to justeat peanut butter.11:12 amJulia: Momma, I am so glad lunch isalmost ready! I thought you were nevergoing to feed me!
If you are interested in learning moreabout satisfying your cravings with God insteadof food, then this devotional is written for women like you
and me!
. I have been reading this book and have discovered much food forthought in the pages.
Yes, that pun wasintended!
Lysa’s website,madetocrave.org , o
ers a  wealth of information and encouragement for women who are looking to end their tendency toward emotional eating by satisfying their soul’sintense craving for a deeper and moremeaningful relationship with God.
Made to Crave
 written by Lysa Terkeurst
 There are seven people in my family, so it takes a lot of food to keep everyone feed and happy.In order to make that happen, we tend to spend enormous amounts of our time, energy, and money onfood or food
related activities. It seems to me that for my family we are either thinking about, talking about, shopping for, cooking or eating food just about every waking moment of the day.But even with all of that focus on food, it seems that we are never full. We constantly are looking for thenext opportunity to fill our stomachs and ease the hunger pains. And that leaves two big questionsburning in my mind ...
If food is what consumes me and my family, then why am I so hungry? And what exactly is it that I am hungering for?
While that might be something of an exaggeration,it’s honestly not that far from the truth.
“Ma’am? ....Ma’am! .... Hey,Ma’am!Can you help me?”I turned around fromunpacking my shopping cart containing over
300 worth of  groceries, and saw a boy, not much older than my oldest son, calling to me. Lanky, lean, and burnedfrom the summer sun, his youthful face wasspotted with acne. He looked like any other teenboy hanging out on a hot summer day, except forhis blue eyes which told a far di
erent tale, one of a boy who was much older than his years. As I looked at him running toward me, I guesssome sort of motherly instinct rose up for I gavehim a smile and said, “I don’t know if I can help you, but I’ll be glad to listen and see if I can.What’s going on?”He stuck out his hand to shake mine, as he said,“Thanks. I just need some money so my sister andI can catch the bus home. Do you have any change or maybe a couple of spare dollars ... justenough for two bus tickets. Can you help me?”I looked him in the eye, searching for signs of dishonesty. There was no sister to be seenanywhere about, and yet something told me thatthis child needed real help. I just wasn’t sure of  what sort of help he really needed.“Well, I don’t ever carry much cash, but I probably have some change. Let me look and see what’s in my purse. Meanwhile, why don’t you tell me where yoursister is at and how it came to be that you are here without money for a bus ride home.”He looked me right in the eye for several seconds,then said, “My sister ... she’s in the store trying to getus some food. I got kicked out of the store for trying to steal. We came over here today to get food for ourfamily to eat. There’s nothing at the house. I guess we didn’t think much about the getting back homepart.”“Oh. I see. The biggest problem then is that you arehungry.”“Yes. Yes, ma’am, I am hungry. My family is hungry.”“I see. Do you have parents? Do they work?”“Yes. I got parents. They work temp jobs. Lately,there haven’t been any temp jobs. No jobs. Nomoney. No food.”I shu
e around in my purse, looking for change andsilently pleading with God for wisdom as well as a  good idea for what to do in this situation.“I’m sorry. That’s got to be very hard. Listen, I have
1.07 in change, but that’s all I’ve got. However, Ihave a car full of groceries and I would be happy toshare some of what I have with you.”

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