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1984 APUSH apmc

1984 APUSH apmc

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Published by Alvin Chen

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Published by: Alvin Chen on Aug 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1984 U. S. History test multiple choice questions
1.The mercantilist system in the eighteenth century led toA.the restriction of governmental intervention in the economyB.the protection of Native Americans from European economic exploitationC.the expansion of colonial manufacturingD.the subordination of the colonial economy to that of the mother countryE.noncompetitive commercial relations among nations2.All of the following statements about the delegates to the Pennsylvania state convention toratify the United States Constitution are supported by the data in the table above EXCEPT:A.A majority of the farmers opposed ratification.B.Federalists outnumbered Anti-Federalists by two to one.C.The size of each occupational group was probably proportionate to its size in thePennsylvania population.D.The majority of the supporters of the Constitution were drawn from the upper social andeconomic classes.E.The Federalists probably won the ratification vote.
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3.Which of the following has NOT been offered by historians as an explanation for the UnitedStates entry into the war with Spain in 1898?A.President McKinley was too weak to withstand the multitude of pressures forcing himtoward a decision for war.B.Yellow journals created an irresistible war fever by publicizing atrocities allegedly beingcommitted by the Spanish in Cuba.C.American businessmen wanted to protect their investments in Cuba and assure a Cubanmarket for their products.D.By the late 1890's the United States had assumed a world role that made it seemnecessary to dominate the Caribbean.E.Spain was blatantly interfering with United States maritime rights as a nonbelligerent power.4.The second Sioux War (1875-1876), which saw the defeat of Custer at the Battle of the LittleBig Horn, was caused by all of the following EXCEPTA.the extension of the route of the Northern Pacific RailroadB.the gold rush in the Black HillsC.a concentrated effort on the part of the major Protestant denominations to convert theSioux to ChristianityD.corruption within the Department of the Interior E.overland migration of settlers to the Pacific Northwest
1984 U. S. History test multiple choice questions
5.The political cartoonist who drew this picture probably believed thatA.European nations were pleased with aid given them by the Coolidge administrationB.governmental agencies were receiving too much financial support from the CoolidgeadministrationC.American industrial and commercial leaders approved of the Coolidge administration's business policiesD.consumers had benefited from the Federal Reserve Board's tight money policy from 1925through 1928E.Congress was pleased by President Coolidge’s accommodating stance toward pork barrellegislation6.The horizontal integration of American industry (i.e. one firm acquiring control of other firms that produce the same product) that occurred at the end of the nineteenth century was primarily a response toA.economic competitionB.high tariffsC.powerful labor unionsD.federal monetary policyE.federal regulation of business
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