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Jeff Preger 911 report- Ql Azrqs1zk

Jeff Preger 911 report- Ql Azrqs1zk

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Published by Jon Crowell

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Jon Crowell on Aug 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Published by Jef Prager
Owning Time
It’s important to own and properly manage as much of your time as possible. All we ever have is time; we’re born with time, we’re provided with time and we call it a ‘lifetime’, andwhen we die what we always leave behind is time. Our time, and the time of those beforeand those after. We never have a thing, besides time and death takes that away.It wasn’t about the dishes, or the iPod. It wasn’t about any of it. It wasn’t about paying taxes, (
which I oppose
) and it wasn’t about driving below the speed limit,it was only about what you did with the time, your time, the ‘time’ that’s under your personal management. It was only about how you managed your time.It’s not about the house, the car, the clothes you wear or how you wear your hair. It’s not about WalMart, KMart, Walgreens, or Wally World(
a place children should be prevented from attending at all costs
). Itis about being the director of the play, your play, your script, and it’sabout managing the components so as to reduce the personal responsi- bility load to a minimum and thus to maximize the ownership of your time.Own your timeHappiness is a relative thing. It’s attached at the hip to ‘
how youmanage your time.
’ I believe that if you’re happy with how you man-age your time you learn that you have an overwhelming, consistent
and regular type of contentedness that ows like a gently caressing
warmth through your soul. Everything is OK.It’s critical to explore the world and try to understand your surroundings.Someone said to me recently, speaking of himself, “I’m a very simple per-son,” and my reply was that I was the same, that I was a very simple persontoo. The only difference between us is the amount of time we’ve devoted tothis one subject and that subject is not 911, it’s reading and I devote my timeto reading. It wouldn’t be wrong to portray it as, “My Dad can read more booksthen your Dad,” because it’s a rather accurate description of this Dad and grandfa-ther. So, as always, the truth won’t be televised, so you should read.My senses, my rather dry logic, my naturally suspicious but always creative intuition, myintellect, all of my senses and the smell, the taste, the sight, the sound, every part and parcelof my being all scream out that this book is the truth.
Winning The War
THE WAR BETWEEN THE CLASSES~ Classical Class Warfare ~Everyone discusses this as a war between ‘us’ and ‘them’ and that’s accurate for now.These people educate their children in Class Warfare. That’s what this is. It’s just another part of the ClassWarfare that’s been with us, never waning, from the beginning of civilization.We have to shop for food, raise children, do the laundry, cook, pump gasoline and yes, we also have to work.This leaves us little time left over to think, explore, be creative and learn. Very little.We have to raise up a society that understands the arts, the humanities, the philosophies of our thinkers, one that
has interest in global nance, science, history, technology, geopolitical and sociopolitical strategies and especially,
always and fundamentally, Class Warfare.We, the civilian population of the world, need to raise children that are smart, enjoy reading and understand ClassWarfare. Otherwise, we’re just spinning wheels. We, you and me, can’t change a damn thing. That’s why we’re
where we are today and that’s why we have what we have. We can’t change anything of any signicance. We need
to begin operating generationally.Our children and their children, our grandchildren, and even their children are the ones that will have to win thisWar Between the Classes. This will be, as it always has been, a generational affair. It may never end but we’ve been losing vast tracts of ground since the beginning and there isn’t much more to lose, and we need to gain thatlost ground back again.We can only do that by raising System Warriors. Armed with the sophisticated weaponry of science, technology
and global nance, having a foundation in history, art, humanities and philosophies, all structured by Class War 
-fare; we can raise multi-generations of combat-ready, real-world warriors that can use the system to eliminate whatdrives it now.Lust, pure greed, self-aggrandizement and self-satisfaction leading to outrageous criminal behavior now permeatethe system and are it’s driving force. The system is drenched in a shameful cloak of deceit and treachery. Thesethings ARE the system.We can only impact the system generationally and we can only do that by raising well-equipped Class Warriors.Otherwise the dreams will all slowly fade away until there’s nothing left at all.

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