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Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Aug 15, 2012
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 Who is Paul Ryan?
The struggle continues.I will forever possess a commitment to human civil liberties, to religiousfreedom, and to equality.
Now, in thinking revolutionary, a person should not be oppressors. Theagenda of the oppressors focuses on following archaic economic viewpoints and adhering to theinterests of the oligarchy. Sometimes, it takes monumental changes in order for human beings tobear witness to the truth. Recently, I have to be confronted with things about the truth. Now, Ibelieve in a foreign policy that adamantly disagrees with a war on terror ethos. We live in a timewhere folks are trying to justify the war crimes done by NATO in Libya and the terrorists in Syria. Iaccept the premise that if it is wrong for violence to occur in America and it is wrong for imperialistviolence to commence overseas as well. The military industrial complex activate accepts thegrotesque violations of human dignity and human civil liberties via the policies of the TSA and theDepartment of Homeland Security. A real world of justice doesn’t try to maintain the status quounder the guise of charities (although, legitimate charities done by folks ought to be commended) &United Nations visits. Justice is accomplished when there is the abolishment of the currentcorporate system and the institution of a better system (
that rejects materialism, which rejects theglamorization of offensive language against our people, and which loves righteousness. Formonopoly capitalism never was meant to eliminate poverty or end all forms of discrimination atall).
See, activism is more than flipping a coin to a beggar. It’s about the restructuring of the wholecorrupt machine and making it beneficial towards all of the people, including the poor. Oneexample of this activism is to call for the end the war on terror & the ending of the War on Drugsperiod (including for the calling of society to send massive investments to tackle poverty
comprehensively). Activism deals with speaking out, protesting, and working in a grassroots levelamong folks from the streets literally. We still have the battle in Arizona where the Governor isrefusing to allow immigrants to receive even basic public benefits or some in Mississippi violatingthe human rights of young kids (by sending them into juvenile for minor offenses in the schoolyardwithout the police determining if probable cause has been established. This is a blatant targeting of young black kids. This stuff is happening now in 2012 not in the 1960’s. The Equal Justice Initiative isdoing their best day in and day out in fighting against this nefarious reality. The MississippiDepartment of Justice has documented this information too).The current bipartisan domination of the American political system by two monopolistic parties israther transparent to the eyes that see. Similar foreign policies of the previous administration existin the current one. The drone attacks in Pakistan, the support of the imperialist Africom, thecontinuation of Guantanamo Bay, the support of NATO’s war crimes in Libya, and the covertoperations globally are acts that I personally oppose. A man like Mitt Romney says to people whocan’t afford to go into college to just borrow money from your parents. It’s that mentality whichcauses me to never worship the GOP at all. One person, who is the Vice President Joe Biden, talkedabout chains inside of Danville, Virginia. It doesn’t take a genius that some in the oligarchy want usas human beings to be held into the chains of mental slavery, corporate domination, and otherforms of social oppression. In the end, we will win and forever rejects those chains.Still, there is value in love. Love can make complications to be improved upon. We do need lovesince as human beings there is no shame in expressing a soulful connection among the human race.There is great value in us as humans to express empathy, compassion, and strength in this special,revolving globe. Now, it’s time to show some other forms of realities. It’s fine to talk about love, butwe have to talk about reality as well. Not everything in life will be filled with rainbows or unicorns.Not everything within our longevity will be all peaches and life. That is why we have no other optionbut to fight for our tranquility and social stability. For example, our ancestors fought in Americansoil to eradicate slavery and Jim Crow oppression. Our ancestors fought to institute labor reformsand the abolishment of child labor among the workplace. Humanity now is still fighting against war,against poverty, and against discrimination. Therefore, fighting is neither a vice noran irrationalproposition. It’s a fact of human resistance against the varied forms of evils. Now, fighting doesn’tnecessarily equate into indiscriminate violence for that form of violence is morally repugnant. Weshould fight using peaceful means and yes self-defense during extreme circumstances. I am not apacifist, but non-violent methods are the most peaceful means in developing a revolutionarychange.
I am a man. Therefore, I love debate, I love fighting for truth, and I love to present mymasculinity (which means that I don’t scapegoat women like some men are doing [I love thebeauty and intelligence of a woman], I fight for my rights, I express legitimate aggression, and Istrive to be a better human being. Robert F. Williams, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Lumumba,Kwame Khrumah, and others are real male role models). I am not ashamed of my masculinityperiod.
 Also, the reactionaries and the Tea Party types cry about the Tenth Amendment, but the Bill of Rights says that the freedom of speech in real. Also, the Constitution gives Congress the right tomake laws that can benefit people beyond the confines of state rights. It’s time to embracesomething superior to just state rights, but it’s time for us to fully love human rights. Human rightstrump state rights. Not to mention that we have to be activists. That means we should call outcorrupt politicians and immoral actions done by evil corporations. We should be on the front line
and criticize any musicians that disrespect our sisters (one artist even uses leaches on our sistersliterally during one occasion and then claims to have some Rastafarian religious experience.Another artist disrespects LeBron James for immature reasons and disrespects sisters. You have apolitician that believes in a creed that once taught that black people weren’t worthy of a priesthooduntil 1978. Mormonism is a Masonic/Kabbalic religion. This same politician blatantly said in 2012that he doesn’t care about the interests of the poor. How much more blatant can he be? Instead of some obsessing over some swimmer trying to trademark a word with a grill on his face, we shouldkeep on eyes on the prize of advocating real Power not celebrity foolishness). Many genres of musichave members that express the denigration of our people. Not to mention that the prosperitygospel preachers are running great game on unsuspecting people. They typically promote NiceanChristianity (aka Eurocentric supremacist so-called “Christianity.” Let’s keep it real here. Thisreligious heresy exploits the words of Yeshua, peace be upon his name) and obsess with richesinstead of spiritual enlightenment & social reformation. A preacher saying I want my stuff inpromoting the prosperity gospel is nothing more than demagogic rhetoric. Instead of monopolycapitalistic propaganda, we should promote radical fights against poverty including the radicalredistribution of economic plus political power.Religious expression is fine, but not a sense of fanaticism that deals with the sick union of churchand state. I don’t bow down to my enemy or integrate with a sick, wicked culture. Assimilationhistorically into a beast system won’t cause cultural improvement at all. Threats against our peopleare diverse from the War on Drugs, gentrification, discrimination, the mainstream media promotinglies & stereotypes against folks, and the great enemy of white supremacy. I am independent. Thatmeans we should promote self-sufficiency [long term especially], strength, unique solutions, and job creation. In the final analysis, a man and a woman have a right to have an income and live astable life.In the final analysis, we have to know who we are without the mimicking our oppressors. We arefolks that are created in the image of one God with dignity plus worth.
It is official. Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his Vice President candidate. The announcement wasinevitable to some and surprising to others. The Republican ticket is now complete. Mitt Romney madethe announcement in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. I visit Downtown Norfolk plenty of times in 2012.Romney was in Nauticus, which is a famous place in Norfolk near Waterside and the MacArthur Mall. I'vebeen to Nauticus before when I was a child years ago back in the summer of 1996. Mitt Romney is in anunique space. He trails the President by 7 points. Many want to see his tax return tax returns for multiplezero tax years. Romney had issues with his foreign policy talk when he spoke in London, Jerusalem (oflying to say that Providence allowed the Israelis to have a standard of living than the Palestinian people),and Poland. Folks want to know his business record and Bain Capital. The Republican NationalConvention will come into Tampa, Florida. Florida is of course a crucial battleground state. Paul Ryan is aRepublican House member from Wisconsin's 1st district. Paul represents the corporate and plutocraticfinancial interests in America. Ryan's economic views are similar to Mitt Romney's views. Ryanrepresents Kenosah, Racine, Muskego, and Janesville, Wisconsin. He was born in 1970, so he is part ofGeneration X. He is famous for his Catholic views and upbringing. He loves to hunt in various locations.Now, he worked or the Oscar Mayer Wiener Company (Ryan advanced Oscar Mayer's meats andcorporate interests). He majored in Economics and Political Science. He is part of the Delta Tau DeltaFraternity too. Now, he is famous for promoting austerity in the world. Empower America (or a Republicanthink tank) was in his life. He served there as a volunteer speechwriter for Congressman Jack Kemp andtwo former Reagan officials: UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick who defended the rape, torture and

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