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Judgment Day 1

Judgment Day 1

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Judgment Day/VK 2
Cast of Characters
(in order of appearance)
Spencer Conklin a man in his early 70’sGrace Conklin a woman in her 60’sJason Conklin a man about 30 years oldSarah Conklin a woman about 28 years oldTucker Pressman a man about 35 years oldBridget O’Byrne a middle aged woman
The Present
Spencer Conklin’s Den
Judgment Day/VK 3
Act 1 Scene 1
Late afternoon
 Lights come up on an elegantly decorated den. The appointments suggest affluence.Upstage center is a fireplace. To either side are French windows. In front of the fireplaceare matching easy chairs, a coffee table, end tables and a bookstand. Stage left is anarched entry leading to a hallway. The upstage wall is replete with diplomas, awards and  photographs. On the downstage wall is a gun cabinet. Stage right is a swinging doorleading to the kitchen. On the upstage wall is a flat panel TV. Adjacent to the TV is a wet bar. Down stage right is a desk with a lamp. The desk is piled with papers and books. A man in his seventies enters, sits at his desk and works on his papers. He is casuallydressed in denim, polo shirt and sandals. A woman enters with a book and quietly sits inan easy chair.
GRACEWill my reading disturb you?SPENCERWhen has it ever?GRACEAre you ever going to talk about it?SPENCERWhat’s to discuss?GRACEHave you said anything to the children?SPENCERNot yet.GRACEWill you tell them, or should I?SPENCERAre you going to read that book or do you prefer to pester me?GRACEA simple answer will suffice.SPENCERYes, I’ll do it … when they’re here together. (beat) Frankly, I have no interest inexplaining it twice.
Spencer moves to the bar
Shall I fix you a martini?
Judgment Day/VK 4GRACEExtra dry. Just one olive.(beat)How do you think they’ll react?SPENCERWho knows?GRACEThey’re not as insensitive as you make them out to be.SPENCERInsensitive? Really? For heaven’s sake, Grace, they couldn’t be more unfeeling than if they were dipped in Novocain.GRACEYou’re bordering on melodrama.SPENCERI thought I was being perceptive.GRACEYou’re being judgmental. (beat) As usual.SPENCERIf only they would behave as mature adults, instead of ....GRACEIf only you had an ounce of sensitivity. (beat) Children can never embrace mortality.SPENCERNot their own, perhaps, but certainly their doddering old parents.GRACEI’d rather you not list me among the “doddering.”SPENCERSorry, Grace.GRACENot yet.
Spencer hands Grace a martini. She buries herself in her book. Spencer resumesshuffling his papers.

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